Graduation, Work, and Adulting

Once again I must woefully admit that I haven’t updated this blog for an embarrassingly long time (5 months). But I truly intend to write more regularly – this time I’m serious!!! It’s not that I don’t write – I do, but my writings are scattered all over the place (Insta Stories, Insta posts, Linkedin posts, tweets…).

But Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to have recently graduated with an MSc Marketing (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh! And more importantly, I successfully landed a full-time digital marketing role in higher education after completing my internship. Officially a “Malaysian working abroad” now.

I was two weeks into the role when I was walking on Princes Street, on my way to watch the Beauty and the Beast musical (my first theatre experience since COVID and it was truly spectacular!) when a female solo traveller from India asked if I could take her photo. I did, of course, and very happily talked to her to some must-see landmarks. Then we had an exchange that I’ll always remember, since it was my first time introducing myself to a stranger as a working professional in this city.

Her: Are you studying here in Edinburgh?

Me: Oh no, I work here.

Me (internally): !!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that conversation was exciting. Less exciting is being denied student discounts that I used to get. And most crucially, having to pay awfully expensive council tax since I no longer get student exemption 😦

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End of Spring + Semester 2 of my Masters Degree

Remember when I said I’d try to update my blog every week in 2021? Well that’s embarrassing, because I haven’t updated for two months. But I will write something, just for the sake of documenting my recent updates.

Firstly, spring had sprung! Spring is absolutely gorgeous in Edinburgh, and I particularly loved the abundance of cherry blossoms / sakura, my favourite flower. It’s almost over though, and summer is coming. Although by the state of the weather you’d think it’s late September, honestly. Scotland truly is something else.

I’m also officially done with Semester 2 of my masters degree where I took subjects I genuinely enjoyed such as Marketing in a Digital World, Understanding Brands, Marketing Communications and Marketing Applications. Some of my assignments included: an analysis of functional and symbolic branding (I chose Adobe Photoshop and Disney respectively), a creative brief for a campaign targeting the French market to visit Scotland, a viral video concept for the charity Age UK, and a marketing plan for the Edinburgh Science Festival. We sometimes got to work with real clients this semester and it was challenging but also rewarding. Now, I’m beginning to work on my research dissertation. Wow, I really decided to do a masters degree, as if my undergraduate dissertation wasn’t torturous enough! 😛 Today marks the first anniversary of me submitting my research investigating social media engagements with Avengers: Endgame – read about it here.

Next, I …kind of… got my first promotion ever. I’ve been working part-time in digital marketing since October, 7 hours a week. Unfortunately someone in my team is leaving. But now my hours are being increased to 17.5 hours a week! Alhamdulillah, for everything. I have more time to work now since I don’t have classes anymore, just my dissertation. So I’ll have to practice effective time management. I also hope to spend some time traveling around the UK where I can.

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