Guide to Studying Abroad in the UK, Scholarship Resources, and FAQ

Assalamualaikum wbt.

So, you’re dreaming of studying abroad like Teme Abdullah or Cupcake Aisyah. Or maybe you just read too many Hlovate novels as a teen. But you don’t know where to start.

I regularly get questions about studying abroad from fellow Malaysians, so after 2 and a half years of great demand, I have tried my best to summarize things I’m usually asked about into a single blog post.

First of all, here’s a very brief history about my tertiary education:

I’m Arifah. I did a Diploma in Media and Communication at UiTM. I got a nice CGPA and extracurriculars, and although it wasn’t easy, managed to secure a convertible scholarship to do a BA Media, Communication and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University, UK. I am now doing a MSc Marketing a the University of Edinburgh, UK, also on a convertible scholarship.

What this blog post covers:

  • A) Useful resources for those wanting to study abroad
  • B) Scholarship listings / alternative ways to get funding
  • C) FAQ about university / scholarship applications
  • D) FAQ about life as a student in the UK

Disclaimer: This blog post is not really intended for post-SPM students, although some resources may be of use. My intended audience is more to students who have finished Pre-U/diploma/matriculation/STPM, OR aspiring postgraduate students. If you’re looking for post-SPM tips I suggest these resources: (1) (2)

But before that, I believe that doors will open much more easily for you to study abroad you if you have good intentions. Ask yourself, why do you want to fly overseas?

Hopefully, to:

  • pursue knowledge with a sincere heart
  • contribute to the society and the world
  • make your parents and family proud
  • if you are a Muslim, to increase your faith by seeing the world
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New Year 2021: Solo Hike Up the Salisbury Crags

Assalamualaikum wbt.

For the past two years I joined the exciting countdown with the crowds by the Newcastle Quayside before watching blazing, colourful fireworks soar up into the air to celebrate fresh beginnings. For 2021, I just video called Nini from my bed (hi if you are reading this!).

I had plans with friends for the next morning but unfortunately they got cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. But the sky was blue and I wasn’t going to waste a blue sky day. So I spontaneously decided to venture alone to the Salisbury Crags, a series of cliffs next to Arthur’s Seat (an extinct volcano) – the general area is called Holyrood Park. I had never been to the Holyrood Park – surprisingly it was less than 30 minutes away from my flat. What I didn’t know is that is was SO. MAGNIFICENTLY. BEAUTIFUL. Subhanallah indeed. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of people climbing Arthur’s Seat and stuff but they mostly showed pictures at the top of the hill looking down below (and views never look that nice in pictures). I did a solo hike up the Crags and enjoyed it immensely. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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Settling Down in Edinburgh + Living in the Present

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It’s sad that I only ever think of this blog during long holidays. I just went through some old blog posts written by my Mum and I from 2005-2007. The internet was so simple and wholesome back then, not fast-paced and cluttered like it is today. I aim to attempt to keep the art of long-form writing alive, in this modern age where short, flashy and snappy content tends to thrive. Right… from now on I aim to post at least once a week! Hopefully this statement will age well and I won’t end up becoming a clown.

I moved to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, more than two months ago. I live in a comfortable and cosy two-bedroom flat with another Malaysian Master’s student. I decided this within less than a month of living here, but Edinburgh is definitely my favourite city in the UK. It’s full of history and culture, and the city is so photogenic. There’s so much to do even during a pandemic – so many vast spaces and nature-based attractions. I can imagine living here long-term for years to come, if Allah wills. I think I’ve familiarized myself quite well with the city at this point! I used to think that this city was wonderful, but too cold. Now? As Elsa says, the cold never bothered me anyway.

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MSc Marketing @ Edinburgh

It’s officially been 2 years since I first flew off to the UK! What a time it’s been. Studying in the UK has been a journey of ups and downs but definitely a valuable experience nonetheless.

I’ve been quite silent about my next phase of life. I’ve been posting a lot of “Bye Newcastle / Bye England” sentiment, making many people assume I’m going back to Malaysia. I usually just play along with it without explicitly saying I’m coming home. I haven’t gone back to Malaysia in exactly one year… aaaand I probably won’t be back anytime soon!

Today, I’m revealing the truth.

I’m going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Can’t wait to play Quidditch!

Okay, okay. I’m inshaAllah pursuing an MSc in Marketing at the University of Edinburgh! Close enough, I guess – after all, Hogwarts IS in Scotland, and Edinburgh is a city with MAJOR Harry Potter vibes. On top of that, Sumrah gave me a Hogwarts letter for my birthday. AND I’m travelling there by train, too!

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