The Role of Mass Communication in #GE14

To anyone who thinks Mass Communication isn’t important, or is easy: you’re wrong.

Let’s analyze the media’s role in #GE14.

[Artwork by Nixon Siow]

Colourful billboards/websites/flyers for various parties and PSAs encouraging people to vote? Advertising.

Conducting press conferences and preparing media kits while maintaining a politician’s public image in spite of crises and rumours? Public Relations.

That historical angkat sumpah moment at Istana Negara you watched live? If it wasn’t for Broadcasting, you wouldn’t have been able to witness it.

Latest verified articles and updates on #GE14 brought to you every minute? Journalism.

The copy editing, layout design, and printing of 10th May’s newspapers you want to frame and show your grandkids? Publishing.

People weaving strong points together to convince their friends and family to vote for a certain party? Interpersonal communication.

Clear instructions on how to register as a voter / the voting process on polling day? Instructional communication.

All the official procedures / strategic planning such as writing memos, managing stakeholders and announcing manifestos? Communication management.

New media, particularly social media played a GIGANTIC role in the 2018 elections, from strangers helping each other for #PulangMengundi, to the Facebook live streaming of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speech on 8th May.

There’s actually so much more. But I’ll stop here.

Astro Awani menggoncang negara when they openly criticized the SPR on national TV. Personally, I felt like I was watching a more free media outlet such as Bloomberg or CNN News. This could be the start of a better, cleaner, and more objective media in Malaysia, uninfluenced by the chains and shackles of higher authorities. Moga-moga!

Thank you to all media practitioners who worked endlessly and sacrificed their effort, time, and money for #GE14!



How to Make the Dean’s List (For Mass Comm Students!)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Since results just came out less than 12 hours ago, I’m gonna share some Dean’s List tips for Mass Comm diploma students in UiTM. But I welcome everyone on the internet to read this post. Not sure if I’m qualified to write this, actually… but here you go.

Iqra’! Read!

Mass Comm has a lot of reading subjects, so like it or not, you’re gonna have to read a lot if you want to score. You don’t have to read that much if you pay attention and jot down notes during class. And honestly? I don’t study much. I’m actually really lazy when it comes to revision. BUT I read a lot of general knowledge materials, and sometimes Mass Comm-related stuff (outside of academic texts). I notice that some of my friends take longer to understand what they’re learning because they’ve never heard of a lot of terms/concepts and they tak boleh imagine benda tu. Our textbooks are US-based and they mostly use US-related examples when describing things. So READ, my friends. Not just for the sake of exams, but to be rich in knowledge.

Communication skills 

My lecturer once said, “Kalau korang sama ada tak suka bercakap ataupun tak suka menulis, kenapa korang masuk Mass Comm?”.

Communication skills are very important. Nama pun budak Mass Comm. You have to know how to communicate to the masses (or at least show the passion to learn!). You have to make sure messages reach audiences in a clear and fun way. Budak Mass Comm, muka kena tebal. Like, seriously. Tapi muka tebal bertempat lah. You’re gonna have to promote events to other students, act/sing/dance, speak in public, and so on.

Thinking outside of the box + extra creative skills

For your assignments, you’re gonna have to interview random people (Journalism), interview public relations practitioners (Public Relations), translate texts (Translation), speak in public (Public Speaking), create short films (Comm Theory, Islam and Comm), create instructions (Instructional Comm) create ads (Advertising), take brilliant photos (Photo Comm), sell stuff (Entrepreneurship) and so on.

You really don’t want your work to bore people. You have to grab their attention. So you have to be interesting — think outside of the box! For example, for our CTU assignment, my group produced a horror short film based on the theme ‘Bahaya Mengumpat’. If you lack in generating or executing creative ideas, maybe you’re better off pursuing a different career path.

It also REALLY, REALLY, REALLYYYYY helps if you have extra creative skills such as video editing, graphic design, social media expertise, drawing, writing, and etc, even if it’s only the basics. University is the time for you to make mistakes, and to learn. Spend time sharpening your creative skills, ESPECIALLY during the semester break. For example, you might have to create a Twitter account for your class event for the sake of publicity. Someone with skills in social media will know what accounts to tag, which hashtags to use, the right time to post to get the most retweets, how to start threads, what captures the attention of Twitter users and how to convince them that attending the event is worth their time, pendek kata, dia mahir pasal selok belok Twitter. And ta-da! More people will attend your event!

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Dear adik-adik lepasan SPM, tahniah sebab dah dapat result UPU. Akak perasan post akak pasal interview Mass Comm dapat banyak sangat hits sejak kebelakangan ni. Jadi sekarang akak nak bagi #TipsMasukU.

First things first — korang tahu ke tak apa beza diploma, degree, matrik, A Levels, Form 6 semua tu? Akak dulu dua bulan sebelum masuk U baru faham. Waktu kaunselor terangkan panjang-panjang zaman Form 5 dulu, serius tak tahu dia tengah membebel pasal apa. Mungkin sebab akak anak sulung, and on top of that, cucu sulung (ada sorang lagi tua tapi dia tak sambung belajar). Jadi akak memang tak bergaul lah dengan kalangan mahasiswa. Zaman sekolah pulak tak rapat dengan senior, masuk U baru belajar mengendeng.

Jadi akak terpaksa refer kepada orang-orang tua yang masih ingat boleh masuk degree terus lepas SPM. Mana lah tak pening?

PMR datang dulu, baru SPM. Asasi (foundation), matrikulasi, Form 6, A Levels, Pre-U, diploma, semua itu ibarat PMR. Degree ibarat SPM. Faham tak, adik-adik? Yay, pandai!

Kalau akak, akak ambik diploma, 2 tahun setengah. Diploma ni lama tempohnya berbanding dengan asasi, matrik, Form 6, A Levels, bagai TAPI dengan sijil diploma adik-adik boleh bekerja. Sijil A Levels, matrik, asasi, dan seangkatan dengannya itu tidak bernilai untuk korang mendapat pekerjaan. Sebab function dia memang untuk menentukan korang ambik degree apa. Orang yang menghabiskan diploma tak semestinya sambung degree. It’s up to them. Memang Allah yang menentukan rezeki but if you’re aiming to work for high-paying companies, it’s best to pursue a degree. Degree holders have a significant advantage over diploma holders. Plus, if you decide to pursue a degree, more knowledge for you!

EDIT: Rupa-rupanya sijil STPM (Form 6) pun korang boleh bekerja.

Jadi, adik-adik, seelok-eloknya korang buat research betul-betul tentang IPT dan course yang korang nak ambik. Jangan suruh mak isikan UPU. Macam budak-budak. This is YOUR future, mind you, and the decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. Lagi satu, kalau boleh, pilihlah course yang korang betul-betul minat. Kalau tak minat, takut korang takkan bersemangat nak belajar. Rugi je. Dahlah kehidupan kat U memang banyak cabaran. Kalau ibu bapa tak setuju, carilah cara yang bijak lagi kreatif untuk convince mereka. Ataupun dengar nasihat mereka dan consider balik. Paling penting, berdoalah selalu kepada Allah agar Dia tunjukkan korang jalan yang terbaik. Kadang-kadang kita dapat benda yang kita tak suka, tapi sebenarnya last-last benda tu lah yang terbaik untuk kita.

Jangan sibuk nak masuk IPTS sebab rasa IPTA takde kelas, lepas tu tak nak bayar hutang PTPTN yang bertimbun. Tapi kalau IPTS tu memang terbaik dan korang memang kaya raya ataupun memang berniat untuk selesaikan hutang secepat mungkin selepas dapat kerja, why not?

Tadi tu #TipsSebelumMasukU, sekarang #TipsBilaDahMasukU.

  1. Adik-adik kena rajin. U bukannya macam sekolah, boleh study last minute untuk exam dan dapat A. Nope. Universities reward those who are HARDWORKING, sebab korang akan ada ongoing assessment. Kalau korang pemalas, tak payah harap lah nak dapat GPA tinggi. “GPA tu apa, akak?” Google sendiri. Tak pun tanya abang, tanya kakak. Masuk U kena rajin buat research sendiri. You cannot expect to be spoon-fed all the time.
  2. Adik-adik kena sado. Bukan sado macam bodybuilder, tapi hati dan jiwa kena sado. Most likely you will have to deal with backstabbers, nasty lecturers, people who use you only for their advantage, friends who don’t pray, ‘passengers’ during groupwork, people who break your trust, and people who are just unpleasant. Ramai orang akan sakitkan hati adik-adik. But well, that’s life. Bersabarlah selalu. Orang yang sabar takkan rugi.
  3. Adik-adik kena ada jati diri yang kukuh. Kalau tiada jati diri, budak sekolah tahfiz pun boleh jadi kaki clubbing bila masuk U, dik. Akak tak bergurau. Bila dah jauh dari pengawasan ibu bapa, mulalah mahasiswa buat perangai. Ikut kawan. Kejar keseronokan. Tunduk pada nafsu masing-masing. Tapi akak percaya, kamu yang membaca post ini, akan jadi mahasiswa LUAR BIASA. Latihkan diri untuk solat awal waktu, mencintai Nabi, ikatkan hati pada masjid, kerap menghadiri majlis ilmu, bersahabat dengan orang yang soleh. Masuk je U terus cari usrah. You’ll be fine, insyaAllah.
  4. Adik-adik kena jadi original. Think out of the box. Be remarkable. That’s the only way to get noticed. This applies to coursework, presentations, interviews, and such. Kalau semua orang pilih tajuk epal, adik pilihlah tajuk pisang. Dan kalau korang rasa korang hebat, buat sesuatu yang hebat tanpa disuruh. Develop an app. Start a fund-raising program for charity. Spread awareness about a disease. Write a bestselling book. Shoot a short film with strong moral values.
  5. Adik-adik kena bergaul. You need to have connections to survive. Be friendly. Get to know seniors and juniors, from different courses, and make meaningful conversations. Expand your social circle — make friends with people who are very different from you and learn more about the world. Percayalah, ini merupakan suatu pelaburan yang menguntungkan. Masuk persatuan dan kelab, belajar event management, teamwork. Jangan bergaduh dengan orang. Mungkin korang akan bekerja dengan mereka, lima tahun lagi, sepuluh tahun lagi. Be on good terms with everybody. Tak kisahlah dia rektor ke, lecturer ke, classmate ke, makcik cleaner ke, uncle shuttle van ke. Nobody likes a jerk.

Sampai sini saja perkongsian akak pada hari ini. Moga bermanfaat wahai adik-adik. Semoga berjaya!

Sekian, terima kasih.

BOOK REVIEW: Anugerah Cinta Paling Glamor (Raihan Abu Bakar)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Recently, I was featured on my friend’s YouTube channel. She’s a BookTuber and she’s doing a vlog series for Malay books. I borrowed her novel, Anugerah Cinta Paling Glamor (by Raihan Abu Bakar), I finished it and she didn’t, so yeah, the video below is our product. I watched it once and I am never watching it again… ever.

Aku bukanlah peminat novel Melayu (selain karya Hlovate dan sesetengah novel Fixi). the odds of me picking a a novel that has the word ‘cinta’ in the title is 0.0001 percent.

But this is a book every Mass Comm student (and even non-Mass Comm students) should read.

Sebuah kisah tentang,

Seorang gadis yang merupakan YDP Kelab Massa (KOMED lah tu) dan merupakan scorer, tetapi tidak pernah kisah pasal agama.

Seorang bekas pelajar sekolah agama yang dipaksa masuk Mass Comm dan terlalu taksub dengan pendiriannya iaitu membenci semua hal duniawi kononnya.

Seorang pensyarah Mass Comm yang hanya mahu yang terbaik untuk pelajarnya, mahu mereka sumbangkan tenaga ke arah yang bermanfaat.

Seorang ahli SPM (Siswa Penggerak Masjid) yang mengambil bidang Mass Comm kerana Allah dan teringin untuk membawa perubahan drastik dalam dunia Mass Comm tetapi tidak tahu caranya.

Novel ini berkisah tentang apa yang berlaku apabila dua dunia yang kononnya seperti langit dan bumi, bertembung dan bergabung menjadi satu. And the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Bak kata Ammar, Rasulullah is the best communicator.

Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, as of last Tuesday, I have officially been appointed as a member of Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid (JPM) UiTM Lendu, under Biro Publisiti.

The story starts a long, long time ago, back in 2013. Sometime during Ramadhan, the seniors were recruiting new Badan Dakwah dan Rohani (BADAR) members. I had a slight urge to sign up because I was slowly falling in love with Islam, but I felt horribly unworthy. Plus, I had some event that clashed with the meeting with possible new recruits. But that event finished early, and I noticed that the meeting was still going on inside the surau. But the girls yang pergi semua baik-baik, berilmu, tutup aurat dengan sempurna. Aku ni siapa je. What if there was a hafazan test or something? Nanti aku tergagap-gagap.

Plus… some so-called alim people were nice enough to give doubtful comments such as, ‘Kau nak join BADAR?’.

One thing I hope to never do, is to make a ‘bad person’ feel like a bad person. It’s not like I’m a good person.

It was that night or the night after that when there was an announcement from Surau An-Nur, calling everyone who had represented the school in any competitions this year to assemble in the surau because apparently we could get $$$ or something.

Since I entered Spell-It-Right two months ago, I went with a friend. But nothing seemed to be happening – other than another BADAR recruit meeting. My friend gave up, cursed the seniors and went back to the hostel. I followed her. But somehow, Allah gave me the hidayah to make a 180-degree turn and go back to the surau. I, being an extremely curious being, wanted to at least hear what the existing BADAR members had to say, even if it meant getting judgemental and sceptical looks from the so-called alim people. Just one look at them, and I just knew they were asking themselves, “Why is she here?”.

Luckily I possessed the strength to fight all of that.

That night we were given a briefing about how important sincerity is. And I remember until today that Abang Z said, if you really want to be a BADAR member, you are a BADAR member.

So I became a BADAR member. Despite not wearing handsocks. Despite not memorizing doa selepas azan and Ayat Kursi. Despite being a timid, insecure person. Despite not knowing if I knew how to give dakwah to others. Despite my infinite number of flaws.

But joining BADAR pushed me to become a better person. Handled events, cleaned the surau, learned the meaning of teamwork, gained confidence to invite others to do good, became imam a few times for Zohor prayer on Fridays, memorized Ayat Kursi (terpaksa sebab kena baca kuat-kuat kat ampaian waktu malam hahahah). That Ramadhan was the best Ramadhan of my life so far. My Islamic knowledge was still very limited compared to other students then, but the spiritual high I felt was amazing.

Eventually I stepped down. Sat for SPM. Received SPM results. Entered university.

I believe it was the second night of Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS) when I decided to sit at the second saf. It was my first time performing solat Jemaah in UiTM because I was still ‘on leave’ the day before. There was this one akak, Kak C, who gave a tazkirah at the front. She told us to be active and join societies, particularly Islamic societies. Because in university you can do whatever you want and nobody will care. If you join an Islamic society, at least you have something keeping your feet flat on the ground.

And best of all, she, the imam with the tudung labuh, a PMDS and the one who just gave us a tazkirah, told us she was a Mass Comm student in her sixth semester.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was like, “NAK NUMBER AKAK!!!”. And she had to repeat her number many times, ‘cause apparently a lot of people wanted her number.

A week after that, I was horribly miserable and feeling the pain of being a Mass Comm student.

Why are my classmates like that? Why won’t my housemates do that? Why is my lecturer doing that?

So I put myself together and typed out a long message to Kak C. She gave me soothing words of advice and said that with Allah’s will, JPM might conduct regular usrahs at Kolej Tun Sabariah.

What you have to understand is that Kolej Tun Sabariah is the newest and the grandest hostel. With ten floors and A-class facilities, you can almost imagine it as a hotel. It’s on top of a hill, standing tall above the rest of UiTM Lendu. Not to mention that its residents gain the jealousy of not  only students from every other hostel in UiTM Lendu, but just about every other university in this country. Other Part 1 students are like “Fuyyo, budak Sabariah” while some  not-Part-1 students just outright dislike us because “baru Part 1, tak tahu apa-apa, dah dapat duduk Sabariah”.

It is also the loneliest hostel.

It’s far away from everything (other hostels, KPP1, KPP2, the mosque, the surau, the lake, ATM machines, etc). The only thing near to Sabariah is KPP3 (academic block for Mass Comm, TESL, Tourism and Pra-Diploma students). I guess Dewan Taming Sari is pretty near, too. Other than that, nothing. It’s difficult to socialize, and going to events at the bottom of the hill is tedious, especially at night.

Oh, and we have no history or traditions… YET. Other colleges have been established since… God knows when. From the last century also got one. So semangat kolej diorang ni sangat kuat. Terutamanya kolej siswa. Kolej Sabariah? Well, we’re working on it! J

Well, as they say, it’s lonely at the top.

But my point is, JPM usrahs are now conducted in two places, Surau al-Mawaddah and Kolej Sabby. Do you SEE how it’s like… there’s Kolej Tun Sabariah, and then there’s the rest of UiTM Lendu.

Anyway, the first JPM usrah was lovely. We had no idea where to conduct it, so Ayu and I invited the akaks to our house. 22 people gained Islamic knowledge and built ukhwah in our living room that night. Alhamdulillah there are still regular usrahs until today. (If you’re from reading this and you’re from, and want to join, please don’t hesitate to contact me!)

The akaks in the Whatsapp group always invite us to Islamic events and such. I sometimes go, with a few friends, and sometimes I don’t. But Alhamdulillah, I think it was because I showed up at that one event, that I was called for the (very sempoi) JPM interview. It was conducted in Masjid al-Hikmah on a Thursday. There were around fifteen Part 1 girls who were interviewed. Four were chosen. By some miracle, I was one of them. Alhamdulillah!

But as Kak A, our ex-NYDP said, those who aren’t chosen for committee membership are still a part of JPM. The only difference is whether you’re part of the leadership board or not. Plus, there’s always Part 2, 3, 4 and so on. Not to mention INSAN, the other Islamic society here.

Before I joined JPM… I thought, you know what, I really can do whatever I want. Tomorrow, I could take my hijab off. I could mess around with boys. I could go clubbing. Who would stop me?

But now that I am a JPM member, I can’t possibly do all those things. I’m not saying we should do good only to maintain our reputation in the eyes of other people. InsyaAllah I wouldn’t take my hijab off, mess around, or go clubbing even if I never became a JPM member. But… at least there is something keeping my feet flat on the ground.

The Annual Grand Meeting was held on Tuesday, the 11th of August. It was actually really sad saying goodbye to the JPM members in their last semester. Even Kak C stepped down. I may have only known them for a while, but I love them so. We love most of our friends because they get our jokes, or because we have the same taste in movies, but what is more pure than loving someone for the sake of Allah? I could’ve been an average Sabariah girl, making friends with only people my age, mostly from my own faculty, and probably two or three seniors. Instead, I have made connections from every semester, every course, and I have no doubt that they all love Allah.

I definitely do not want to be a Siswi 3K (Kelas, Kafe dan Katil).

Alhamdulillah, I went up on stage and received my membership. 45 JPM members this round. Tahniah dan takziah, they said. Siapa je tak takut nak jadi pemimpin? It is a heavy burden. And I am far from thinking I am better than other people.

Our first official meeting will be on Sunday, InsyaAllah.

May He guide us all to the straight path.

As long as you’re still alive, it’s never too late to start doing good.

UiTM Mass Comm Interview 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

So, this week I failed my first JPJ test, and I failed horribly. Do make prayers that I will make it during my retake.

Yesterday, I checked my UPU application results and Alhamdulillah I have been accepted to pursue a Diploma in Communication and Media / Mass Comm at UiTM. Guess they liked me after all even though I didn’t know the name of our Yang di-Pertuan Agong, heh (now I do, okay!!!). I didn’t even watch the newest episode of The Flash until today because I was too busy thinking about university.

It’s a rather unconventional choice, especially for an ex-MRSM student. If you randomly pick five students, I can assure you that at least three of them want to pursue medicine, engineering or accountancy. Sadly, not all of them want to do so because they truly love studying cells and building machines. Quite a few feel the need to meet the expectations of their parents and relatives and that they don’t have a choice. Well, I believe that you should follow your passions and choose not to conform to the cookie-cutter mold of society if you don’t want to. Negotiate. Fight. Prove. And make sure you have the right intentions.

So, what on earth is Mass Communication? Basically, it’s communicating to society at large, through broadcasting, journalism, social media, radio, advertising, publishing, public relations and etc. The career scope is extremely vast, you can Google ‘careers in mass communication’ if you’re feeling rajin. At UiTM you actually have eight choices to further your degree after completing your diploma (I may be inclining towards Advertising).

I am 95% sure that I will go to UiTM, and I seriously hope to excel in my studies since Insya Allah I’ll be doing something that actually interests me instead of dealing with terms like molten sodium nitrite-potassium nitrite eutectic. I am also thrilled that I will have graphic design classes. Yay!

Underneath the cut is my interview experience. Beware though, it’s very long.

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