Varsity students who join clubs have an edge when getting jobs

Apparently the New Straits Times published this on Oct 25 but I only noticed it today when I randomly decided to Google my name lol.

IN the chase for beautiful cumulative grade point average scores, students tend to forget that performing well in studies is not the only quality valued by employers.

When respondents in a recent survey were asked what gave fresh graduates an advantage, 39 per cent said they would prefer those who had held leadership positions in universities, 25 per cent would choose those with high academic scores, 20 per cent would select those involved in extracurricular activities and 16 per cent would pick those who had done volunteer work.

University graduates should not be proud if they have a diploma or a degree but no self-discipline, teamwork or networking skills.

Industries do not want robots who can memorise facts working for them. They want brilliant thinkers who can implement innovation in their work and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Students have opportunities to hold positions of leadership in student council, clubs, societies and hostel committees.

In joining these activities, they learn how to deal with administration, how to fill out forms, how to make connections with students from different faculties, how to work out budgets and how to solve problems.

Universities should not function as factories, producing cookie-cutter mould graduates. Students should find productive and constructive hobbies.

They should join co-curricular activities, such as robotics, taekwondo, filmmaking and debate. They can take part in competitions, join worldwide movements, get part-time jobs, volunteer on weekends, support a good cause or open small businesses. Students can make money by volunteering to do their hostel mates’ laundry.

Employers seek workers who have exposure in the job market, as it gives them industrial knowledge and hands-on experience. It also makes them more realistic about their job expectations. Job seekers should grab the chance to get internships before they graduate.

University life should be more than just attending classes. Students must change their mindsets and see their universities as a conducive place to equip and groom themselves before venturing into the working world. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room.

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