How to Make the Dean’s List (For Mass Comm Students!)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Since results just came out less than 12 hours ago, I’m gonna share some Dean’s List tips for Mass Comm diploma students in UiTM. But I welcome everyone on the internet to read this post. Not sure if I’m qualified to write this, actually… but here you go.

Iqra’! Read!

Mass Comm has a lot of reading subjects, so like it or not, you’re gonna have to read a lot if you want to score. You don’t have to read that much if you pay attention and jot down notes during class. And honestly? I don’t study much. I’m actually really lazy when it comes to revision. BUT I read a lot of general knowledge materials, and sometimes Mass Comm-related stuff (outside of academic texts). I notice that some of my friends take longer to understand what they’re learning because they’ve never heard of a lot of terms/concepts and they tak boleh imagine benda tu. Our textbooks are US-based and they mostly use US-related examples when describing things. So READ, my friends. Not just for the sake of exams, but to be rich in knowledge.

Communication skillsĀ 

My lecturer once said, “Kalau korang sama ada tak suka bercakap ataupun tak suka menulis, kenapa korang masuk Mass Comm?”.

Communication skills are very important. Nama pun budak Mass Comm. You have to know how to communicate to the masses (or at least show the passion to learn!). You have to make sure messages reach audiences in a clear and fun way. Budak Mass Comm, muka kena tebal. Like, seriously. Tapi muka tebal bertempat lah. You’re gonna have to promote events to other students, act/sing/dance, speak in public, and so on.

Thinking outside of the box + extra creative skills

For your assignments, you’re gonna have to interview random people (Journalism), interview public relations practitioners (Public Relations), translate texts (Translation), speak in public (Public Speaking), create short films (Comm Theory, Islam and Comm), create instructions (Instructional Comm) create ads (Advertising), take brilliant photos (Photo Comm), sell stuff (Entrepreneurship) and so on.

You really don’t want your work to bore people. You have to grab their attention. So you have to be interesting — think outside of the box! For example, for our CTU assignment, my group produced a horror short film based on the theme ‘Bahaya Mengumpat’. If you lack in generating or executing creative ideas, maybe you’re better off pursuing a different career path.

It also REALLY, REALLY, REALLYYYYY helps if you have extra creative skills such as video editing, graphic design, social media expertise, drawing, writing, and etc, even if it’s only the basics. University is the time for you to make mistakes, and to learn. Spend time sharpening your creative skills, ESPECIALLY during the semester break. For example, you might have to create a Twitter account for your class event for the sake of publicity. Someone with skills in social media will know what accounts to tag, which hashtags to use, the right time to post to get the most retweets, how to start threads, what captures the attention of Twitter users and how to convince them that attending the event is worth their time, pendek kata, dia mahir pasal selok belok Twitter. And ta-da! More people will attend your event!

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