the outcome.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alor Gajah always seemed way too near whenever I had to return there after PB. But yesterday it couldn’t have been further away

I arrived at exactly 11 and was greeted by a LOT of juniors, hahaha. I miss them so. Not to mention my batchmates, of course! I was pretty annoyed to find out that you couldn’t take your results yet, but I saw it as an opportunity to drag Darshini to the Jabatan Sains/Bahasa and the Jabatan Maths/Sains Sosial, to give my thanks to around thirty teachers who taught me priceless bits of knowledge over the past two years. Of course, I’m sure every single teacher in MRSM Alor Gajah has played a part in my life, but I only had so much time. Plus, Mum called to say that the counters were open.

So berdebar-debar lah masa turun tangga nak pergi dewan balik.

I was just confused where to get the SPM slip and somebody misled me so I ended up taking the envelope with the sijils inside first and thought my results were in there. Haih. Then I went to the actual SPM slip counter and lined up at the wrong one because I thought one line was for guys and one line was for girls. Argh.

Then with lafaz bismillah I finally took my slip.

Cerita panjang: 5A+ 1A 2B 1C+ 1C

Cerita pendek: 6A 2B 2C

Cerita lagi panjang:

Bahasa Melayu, A+

Gembira. Sebab untuk PMR aku dapat B untuk BM. Walhal aku tak pernah dapat A untuk BM sehinggalah pra-percubaan SPM, walaupun aku rasa macam setiap kali peperiksaan aku berusaha sedaya upaya mungkin.

Bahasa Inggeris, A+

Expected. Alhamdulillah.

Pendidikan Islam, A+

Subjek ni pun aku tak pernah dapat A selepas PMR (even for pre-trials and trials) walaupun sentiasa berusaha. Tak sia-sia maktab hantar pergi Kem SPA Pendidikan Islam.

Mathematics, A+

This one really mirrors my PMR. Pretty sure I got C’s and D’s before the exam (yes, my Maths was that pathetic) so for the second week of PMR I studied Maths like crazy and sacrificed KH for it. The night before the last day of PMR, I only slept for 2 hours because I was desperate for an A for Maths. And I got it. Thank you Allah.

Even a month and a half before SPM I was still clueless about Maths and got like, 50+ marks, so I owe it to my tuition teacher Cikgu Lokman for guiding me over the holidays. I became addicted to doing Maths model papers after that.

Pendidikan Seni Visual A+

Expected. Alhamdulillah. Now I can finally upload my drawing for Paper 2.

Sejarah, A

My weakness is always Sejarah — I assume that I can cover everything in a short period of time, so I focus on other subjects. I could’ve got an A+ if I tried a little harder, but what’s done is done.

Additional Mathematics, B

I guess my parents were hoping for at least an A-, after long and costly tuition hours. But hey, it’s something. I couldn’t give all my attention to Add Maths. I got 22 for trials. For the first exam of the year I got 7. So Alhamdulillah for a B.

Biology, B

I expected a C, really. So Alhamdulillah.

Physics, C+

This one is quite disappointing because Physics is usually the best out of all my science subjects and I was expecting to get something in the range of A- to B. Oh well.

Chemistry, C

Glad I didn’t fail!

OVERALL: Alhamdulillah. All is well.


Yeah, I know. I focused on my strong subjects and ignored my weak ones. ‘Cause some people got, say, 7 or 8 A’s but only 2A+’s, yet the rest are B+’s or B’s.

Ah. Never mind. I have no interest in pursuing maths or science-related fields anyway.

Ramai orang dapat 5A. Aku bersyukur kerana aku dapat juga ambik Pendidikan Seni. 100% A! And four out of five of us got A+’s. I just hope pengetua lets future generations take Seni even though I don’t think any of us got more than 6A’s.

I had no choice but to take up the science stream in MRSM. Well, even before that, I was in the science stream. Maybe if the kids who got good grades for PMR didn’t get automatically pigeonholed into science stream, I would’ve chosen art stream.

Maybe 6A’s isn’t society’s ideal grade but I’m happy. I’m actually super-relieved that I don’t have to apply to all those scholarships from Khazanah, Shell, PNB, Petronas, et cetera that will only make me get a migraine. I know what I want to do and I have my own plans to find success in life. On the way back home I even sent in my application for a certain art and design school. If all goes well I’ll finally get to chase my lifelong dream of becoming an artist.

So, no matter what your results, I want to say congratulations. Congratulations for completing your education and having something to show after eleven years of schooling. Some people don’t have the privilege of education. Accept your results with an open heart and thank Him.

To those who got pretty grades, all the best in life. Follow your dreams and not anyone else’s. To those who got average or not-so-pretty grades, never stop looking and never stop learning. Find your strengths. There are a million opportunities out there, and they will come to you if you make an effort.

There are people who got 10A’s yet couldn’t get themselves a place in university. There are people who got 2A’s who managed to pursue their degree overseas. It all depends on your will.

Our time in school is done. Now let’s venture to the real world, go our separate paths and make the most out of life.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

By this time tomorrow,
…guess who is going to be the first person among her SIBLINGS to get her SPM results?
…guess who is going to be the first grandchild on her FATHER’S side to get her SPM results?
…guess who is going to be the first grandchild on her MOTHER’S side to get her SPM results?

*inhales* *exhales*

Well, saya nak ambil peluang ini untuk menyusun sepuluh jari meminta maaf untuk semua kesalahan saya. Saya hanyalah seorang hamba yang lemah dan tidak sempurna dan banyak dosa. Bukan nak minta maaf hanya sebab nak dapat keputusan esok, tapi result tu lah yang menjadi ‘catalyst’ untuk meminta maaf. Saya selalu mengutuk orang, sakitkan hati orang, pemalas, tak tunaikan tanggungjawab, kerap membazir, dan lain-lain. Harap-harap kalian dapat maafkan.

And to all candidates of SPM 2014, may He be with you and grant you the best results. Whatever your fate is, accept it with an open heart and strive for success in the future Insya Allah. A person’s self-worth is not measured solely by their academic performance. Whatever happens tomorrow is not final, be it excellence, mediocrity or failure. Make du’aa and tawakkal.


CW: the oh-so-tedious process of preparing coffee.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

My submission for MRSM Alor Gajah’s school magazine, 2014.

the oh-so-tedious process of preparing coffee.

home is where i do not have to raid every room on my floor in the hostel to find the kettle if it is not in the iron bay.

home is where i do not have to walk down three flights of stairs just to get tap water to boil, because 
the toilets of every other floor are undergoing renovation.

home is where there is a special plug socket allocated to the kettle, so there is no need to compete with those who want to iron their clothes or charge their phones. 

home is the place where i can make coffee at any given time – and the place where I do not even need coffee that much in the first place because I have the freedom to choose when I want to sleep or rise. 

but, the hostel is where i can find dozens of sachets of nescafe 3-in-1 in the store room, and because no one claims them even after i yell multiple times on my floor, i take the whole lot with a huge grin on my face and give half the sachets to my roommate.

By Arifah Husna, 5 Actuary