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Guide to Studying Abroad in the UK, Scholarship Resources, and FAQ

So, you’re dreaming of studying abroad like Teme Abdullah or Cupcake Aisyah. Or maybe you just read too many Hlovate novels as a teen. But you don’t know where to start.

I regularly get questions about studying abroad from fellow Malaysians, so after 2 and a half years of great demand, I have tried my best to summarize things I’m usually asked about into a single blog post.

What this blog post covers:

A) Useful resources for those wanting to study abroad

B) Scholarship listings / alternative ways to get funding

C) FAQ about university / scholarship applications

D) FAQ about life as a student in the UK

My Journey to Newcastle University

Studying abroad at a top university had always been a dream of mine, and now I have the immense privilege of it being my reality. Upon reflection, it has been quite a journey indeed!

After what seemed like forever (and a transit in Dubai), I finally arrived at Newcastle Airport – with a dream and a cardigan! The four of us were greeted by a bunch of friendly students from Newcastle and Northumbria universities. We got a free taxi ride to our lovely rented flat in Sandyford. It was so exciting seeing the beautiful landscapes of the city from the car window, wondering what life in Newcastle had in store for me…

Meeting Tom Hiddleston + Watching Avengers: Endgame

When [Tom Hiddleston] finally did come up to me, I said, “I loved you in Endgame”. Didn’t say more than that because I was afraid he hadn’t watched Endgame yet (Marvel actors literally get different scripts – the secrecy of the plot is THAT high). I must’ve not gotten my words out clearly enough (NERVOUSSSS LOL) because he asked, “What was that?” before taking my phone and posing for the selfie.

He took two pictures – how smart! I repeated my statement, and he grinned and said, with that tone all Brits use when they’re being sarcastic, “I didn’t know I /was/ in Endgame”. God, how true though. He only had like, what, one minute? Yet he managed to make fun of Cap, mockingly wave at Hulk, AND steal the Tesseract before disappearing. I then laughed and said “Thank you!” before he moved on to the next person…

Avengers: Endgame Dissertation (Part 1) – Producing A 10,000-word Research Paper During A Global Pandemic

On the 29th of May, 2020, I finally submitted my 10,000-word dissertation titled “#DontSpoilTheEndgame: An Investigation Into Social Media Engagements With the Viral Phenomenon of Avengers: Endgame”. I consumed way too much coffee for the defining assignment of my university life. It was worth it though – because I am extremely proud of my findings. And well, it ended up being a First Class dissertation, receiving 78 marks out of 100 – which is considered a brilliant score in the UK system. Alhamdulillah! I’ve only written one other essay that managed to get a mark higher than that…

Avengers: Endgame Dissertation (Part 2) – The Findings

As we all know, academic writing is often dull – it lacks humour, storytelling, personal experiences, and is full of hard-to-understand jargon. So please enjoy this condensed and more fun version of my dissertation findings! For every major finding, I’ve also provided an alternative example from a different real-life event for better understanding…

How to Make the Dean’s List (For Mass Comm Students!)

My lecturer once said, “Kalau korang sama ada tak suka bercakap ataupun tak suka menulis, kenapa korang masuk Mass Comm?”.

Communication skills are very important. Nama pun budak Mass Comm. You have to know how to communicate to the masses (or at least show the passion to learn!). You have to make sure messages reach audiences in a clear and fun way. Budak Mass Comm, muka kena tebal. Like, seriously. Tapi muka tebal bertempat lah. You’re gonna have to promote events to other students, act/sing/dance, speak in public, and so on…

I Want to Create Stuff, But My Work Doesn’t Have That Special Something

Have you guys ever wanted to try your hand at something creative? Drawing comics or writing poems or nature photography. Maybe you watched a short film on YouTube that touched your heart, or heard your friend play piano like a pro, and thought to yourself, “I want to create stuff too!”. So you try. But. It sucks. You failed. It turned out to be a disaster. So you throw your hands up and accept that a gorilla is more creative than you. The end. But I want to tell you a secret…

A Shoutout To Young Muslims: Let Us Be Strange

Many people attribute the youth to being distant from the Deen, as there are so many distractions and temptations calling out to us, taking us by the hand. But we, young members of society, we are powerful. We are future leaders, and we have the potential and passionate energy to burn bright. Should we truly embrace the teachings of Islam, we can help to spread positivity and hope to the ummah.

But there’s one huge problem – we’re terrified of not fitting in with the crowd…

UiTM Mass Comm Interview 2015

It’s a rather unconventional choice, especially for an ex-MRSM student. If you randomly pick five students, I can assure you that at least three of them want to pursue medicine, engineering or accountancy. Sadly, not all of them want to do so because they truly love studying cells and building machines. Quite a few feel the need to meet the expectations of their parents and relatives and that they don’t have a choice. Well, I believe that you should follow your passions and choose not to conform to the cookie-cutter mold of society if you don’t want to. Negotiate. Fight. Prove. And make sure you have the right intentions…