Creative Portfolio

I pride myself on being an enthusiastic creator with a strong background in marketing and media.

First of all, I’m a writer. I write a lot – like, a LOT.

I’m pretty much always writing in my head. Do have a look at my published works here and my highlighted blog posts! I also regularly write copy for ads and promotional material.

Occasionally I make videos and pretend I’m a famous YouTuber.

If you have time to spare, do give them a watch on IGTV and YouTube! Why not start with my Spoken Word Poem for the Class of 2020 (almost 3,000 views) which I performed for Girls in Marketing’s virtual graduation ceremony?

In terms of professional work experience, I have held these roles:

  • Strategic Planning Intern (global advertising agency Leo Burnett)
  • Digital Content Intern (Newcastle University)
  • Digital Marketing Intern (University of Edinburgh) – current role

These roles have helped me gradually gather industrial experience in advertising strategy, social media content, insights and analytics, digital marketing, graphic design, and consumer behaviour.

I also have experience volunteering to do media and publicity work for several youth organizations and events such as The Kalsom Movement, National Aspiration and Leadership Summit (NALS), TEDx Newcastle University, Let’s Bring Back the Smile, and North East Malaysian Night.

You can find out more on my Linkedin.

I have managed the official social media pages for several organizations with up to 7,000 followers.

This means my tasks were often related to:

  • Creating engaging and effective content
  • Scheduling posts and being aware of current events / trends
  • Handling marketing campaigns
  • Having a consistent brand identity
  • Providing clear messaging and call-to-action
  • Replying customer queries
  • Conducting competitor analysis
  • Knowing which users to tag and which hashtags to use
  • Adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape
  • Measuring insights to improve on previous performance

I also regularly created videos and Stories for Newcastle University’s social media with 40,000 followers, even if I didn’t manage the page directly! For instance, here are my Stories about graduating during a pandemic.

I love organizing events. My biggest role so far was directing a full-day event to spread awareness on social causes.

Read about my experience as Ketua Projek (Head of Project) for Join Awareness With Society 2K17 here.

Once I Photoshopped myself in graduation robes because I couldn’t attend the ceremony in Malaysia.

Speaking of education, I should probably mention that I have a diploma from UiTM and a degree from Newcastle University in media and communications. Currently, I’m pursuing an MSc Marketing at the University of Edinburgh!

I also dabble in illustration, design and photography.

My 10,000-word degree dissertation investigated social media engagements with the viral phenomenon of Avengers: Endgame.

Got a First Class grade for it too! Read more about it here.

For my degree graduation I wanted to give back to society, so I conducted an initiative called #BintangBersinar for Malaysian students.

Free services I offered:

  • Social media consultations (for small businesses and student events)
  • CV reviews
  • Chats regarding self-development (usually about studying abroad or media / marketing)

I’ve collaborated with some cool people and organizations.

A few examples:

I founded a Telegram group for Malaysians to crowdsource job vacancies in mass communication.

Realizing that my university peers and I were struggling to find work after graduating during a pandemic, I created the Kerja Mass Comm group on Telegram to help people in the media and communication industries share job vacancies, freelance work and resources with each other through crowdsourcing.

We currently have 1000+ members and there are at least a few vacancies posted weekly. Join the Kerja Mass Comm group here.

And that’s it about me for now! I’m always open to potential collaborations on projects. Interested in working together or have any queries? Come say hello at