Graduation, Work, and Adulting

Once again I must woefully admit that I haven’t updated this blog for an embarrassingly long time (5 months). But I truly intend to write more regularly – this time I’m serious!!! It’s not that I don’t write – I do, but my writings are scattered all over the place (Insta Stories, Insta posts, Linkedin posts, tweets…).

But Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to have recently graduated with an MSc Marketing (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh! And more importantly, I successfully landed a full-time digital marketing role in higher education after completing my internship. Officially a “Malaysian working abroad” now.

I was two weeks into the role when I was walking on Princes Street, on my way to watch the Beauty and the Beast musical (my first theatre experience since COVID and it was truly spectacular!) when a female solo traveller from India asked if I could take her photo. I did, of course, and very happily talked to her to some must-see landmarks. Then we had an exchange that I’ll always remember, since it was my first time introducing myself to a stranger as a working professional in this city.

Her: Are you studying here in Edinburgh?

Me: Oh no, I work here.

Me (internally): !!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that conversation was exciting. Less exciting is being denied student discounts that I used to get. And most crucially, having to pay awfully expensive council tax since I no longer get student exemption 😦

Anyways, other than that, I:

  • turned 24 (God, I’m in my mid-20s now…)
  • celebrated my one-year anniversary of moving to Edinburgh – and still feel the magic and dreaminess of it every day!
  • marked two years since I was last in Malaysia… impatiently waiting for traveller quarantine to be eliminated and for cases to go down so that I can go back for a bit
  • went for a one-week holiday to Malta, Athens and Santorini (my first trip abroad since the pandemic) – a wonderful getaway to end my student life, soaking in the sunshine before going into work full time!
  • also had an exciting trip to the Scottish Highlands for a few days
  • wrote a 16,000-word dissertation on freemium software and customer-perceived value
  • finally entered the office after one year (am now working in hybrid mode)
  • am trying to get used from transitioning from a student to a “”working professional”” a.k.a. adulting

Today I spent my lunch break at a French cafe called La Barantine on Victoria Street. They have great macarons – I don’t usually like macarons because they’re too sweet, theirs are the first ones that I actually enjoy eating! Exiting the cafe, I stared in awe at the colourful buildings even though I’ve seen them a million times before. People travel from all over the world to visit this street, and I just casually chose to have lunch here after a five-minute walk from my office like it’s nothing. I am truly blessed, Alhamdulillah for everything.

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