Canva: A Dream for Marketers

Salam and hello!

I used to look down on Canva and deem it to be for amateurs. Thought that no self-respecting designer would use such a program. Now I realize how “sombong lagi angkuh” (arrogant) I was being.

Now, I rely on it so much. After all, I’m more of a marketer than a designer – I’m a masters student juggling a part-time digital marketing job at the University of Edinburgh Information Services Group. I need to create visually stunning designs quickly and efficiently.

Over the past few years Canva has added so many beautiful designs, made the interface super intuitive and user-friendly, and are constantly innovating to keep up with current trends (animations, GIFs, etc)!

I used it to make my posters for Bintang Bersinar as well.

It’s honestly a dream for marketers. A few days ago I imagined that Canva was used by mostly people design work for small businesses, charities, and students, but according to them, 85% of Fortune 500 companies are using Canva to some extent.

I also found out that Canva was founded by a young woman of colour, the brilliant Melanie Perkins! It’s also considered a “unicorn” – a privately held startup company with a current valuation of US$1 billion or more.

Can’t wait to see how much this platform will grow in the future!

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