TikTok: An Unlikely Source of Study Motivation

Assalamualaikum wbt.

TikTok is always associated with dancing videos, humour and overplayed songs – but did you know you can tailor your feed to your interests? It has a really clever algorithm that quickly learns what kind of things you like and creates a personalized “For You” page. From my experience, their algorithm is way more accurate and addictive than other social media platforms. So if you’re into quick recipes or cleaning or resin art or Islamic reminders… TikTok has it all!

As nerdy as it sounds, I have carefully tailored my TikTok feed so that it is full of study motivation, productivity tips, marketing hacks, and business advice.

I’m not an model student who just wakes up every day with a burning desire to go to Zoom class and study… I need motivation. Before the pandemic, I did watch motivational YouTube videos occasionally, but I could also get motivated from socializing with my course mates and seeing people study in the library. Now, Scotland’s under lockdown… so… yeah…………..

I also don’t follow a lot of people I know personally on TikTok, so it reduces the chance of my feed getting cluttered with things unrelated to productivity and motivation, such as people’s personal updates, current issues / politics, fandom content and entertainment. I would go to other platforms for those things. So in a way, I have made TikTok my go-to social media platform whenever I need a boost of semangat. Plus, the content is quick and easy to digest.

The kind of content I see on my TikTok feed:

Super interesting but useful stuff come up on my feed all the time, like:

  • how to clean a Pandora bracelet
  • how to remove your personal information from the internet
  • What you need to save & earn to buy a £120k property

As I always say, social media is just a tool. It’s up to you how you want to use it!

I also may have dueted with Kim Seon-Ho’s TikTok recently…

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