Khairul Aming: Malaysia’s Beloved Online Chef Who Made RM139k in 54 Minutes

Assalamualaikum wbt.

You’re not Malaysian if you don’t know who Khairul Aming is. Known for his 1-minute Instagram video recipes especially during the fasting month, he is one of the most legendary content creators of our time. His recipes are appealing because of a) the entertaining narration, b) beautiful cinematography, c) not being less than 1 minute long, and d) because he uses ingredients and tools that most people have in their kitchen. He spent 4 years consistently building his niche fanbase of 2.7 million followers, the same amount a famous artist would have. Honestly, I owe a LOT of my basic cooking skills today to him. All his content is completely free.

He recently released the first batch of his first product Sambal Nyet (chilli paste), sold out within just 54 minutes – resulting in RM139,000 in sales (RM13.9 x 10,000 bottles). THAT is the result of YEARS of perseverance in personal branding content creation. He’s finally enjoying the fruit of his hard work. Shows that you should be patient and not demand immediate results.

He also has a cheerful personality and is respectful of others, doesn’t get involved in controversy. Today I found out he has an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, US!

Those familiar with Khairul’s content will know he isn’t shy in posting failed recipes. He once said that he wants to show people that it’s normal to fail when cooking, even for someone considered an “expert”. People love how human he is!

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