My Household Got Infected With Coronavirus

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Written 21 September:

You see all the news and updates about coronavirus, and you take steps to avoid catching and spreading it, but you never quite imagine it happening to you until it actually happens.

A member of my household in Newcastle, age 60+, was diagnosed as positive for coronavirus. He’s been self-isolating in his room. The past few days have been filled with disinfectant, anti-viral wipes, LOTS of cleaning, black seed oil (habatussauda) and probiotics to improve our immune system, and being independent.

I’ll be honest – I’m very unhappy with the way the UK has been dealing with coronavirus and seeing firsthand how coronavirus patients are dealt with has not improved my opinion in any way. But I’m not going to vent my frustration here because that would take up too much energy. Please refer to Malaysia, the “developing country” where I’m from, for an example of an excellent response to COVID-19.

I too, have to self-isolate until the 26th. Unfortunately this means I’ve had to delay my trip to Edinburgh and miss the first few face-to-face classes (I was supposed to have a 9AM face-to-face class tomorrow!). Newcastle has tightened its social restrictions due to the rise in cases, and there is much talk of a possible second nationwide lockdown.

I hope everyone reading this – myself included – takes precautions to stop the spread of the virus. Practice social distancing and wear a mask. Over the past few months I’ve seen a grown professional man swear angrily at corner shop workers for not allowing him to enter without wearing a mask, hundreds of people not bothering to maintain their distance from each other, and a bunch of teenagers who were insulting the government for imposing social restrictions. If you’re young and healthy, yes, it probably won’t affect you. But when it affects your grandma, you’ll be the one bawling. Ideally everyone would’ve adhered to social distancing in the first 3 months and we’d be back to normal right now, but unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.

I hope things get better soon.

Update (11 October):

So almost a month ago my household in Mewcastle got infected with coronavirus which forced me to delay many of my plans. Honestly i feel like 1/5 of the people i know in the UK have had close contact with corona at this point.

It was a challenging and stressful time that immensely tested my patience, on top of it being the first week of my Master’s degree. I am also very dissatisfied with the way the authorities are handling things, and the attitudes of most people in general. but maybe I wasn’t ready to leave Newcastle just yet anyway.

Alhamdulillah I tested negative for #COVID19 (after having to wait 2 weeks for an available test……….. maybe we’d have enough resources if people, you know, actually followed rules……..). also my right nostril hurt for the next 12 hours. Two elderly people in my household really suffered: immense fatigue, coughing, high temperatures, shortness of breath, and loss of energy. please stay safe and be mindful to keep others safe as well ♥️ Special thanks to those who gave their support and regularly checked up on me!

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