My 23rd Birthday + the End of My Degree Life in the UK

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Six months of coronavirus flew by so fast. I handed in my final assessments, successfully graduated, and completed my Digital Content internship. It also feels like the end of a summer that never properly began. This is the conclusion of my degree life in the UK – and one thing I regret not doing is blogging about it properly. I mean, sure I posted Insta Stories and stuff but it’s not as detailed or as well-documented as blogging.

I turned 23 recently! Alhamdulillah that I still have the chance to live, and Alhamdulillah for every blessing God has granted upon me. May age come with plenty of barakah. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything for my birthday. But the night before, Iffah and her parents surprised me with cake, flowers, and a whole bunch of presents (perfumes, bath bombs, and a mug!) – though honestly, their kindness over the past year has been much more than enough.

The next day, I visited Ocean Beach Pleasure Park in South Shields with them and some of my “extended family” in the North East. It was super fun, actually. My favourite ones that made me scream my lungs out were a caterpillar roller coaster (I haven’t been on one for so long!), flying scooters and also a splash ride. The splash ride was ACTUALLY insane because the boat filled up with water unexpectedly at the beginning of the ride and H, M and I started freaking out because our shoes and socks were wet. But it was all good fun, a great day to remember. We went to the beach afterwards and the waterfront was immensely blue and beautiful. Subhanallah. I always appreciate the blue sky / ocean since Malaysia is always cloudy.

A few days later, I baked a cake with my friend Deni from the Czech Republic since it was her birthday. So it was a birthday cake for the both of us – we followed Deni’s Mum’s recipe (written in Croatian!). Unfortunately we didn’t cool the cream long enough for it to harden so it ended up looking like we drenched the cake in custard. But we ended up laughing about it and calling it a metaphor for adulthood (trying to make things work but failing). We also spent a lot of time watching a reality show about couples who met online finally meeting in real life. I was mostly cringing the whole time tbh, haha!

The day after, I went to a food fest in Saltwell Park with Sumrah. We had some good old mac and cheese and a nice picnic. What I wasn’t expecting was a whole bunch of presents from her as well! A Hogwarts letter (MY FAV!), my name carved on wood in Harry Potter font, a tote bag with one of my favourite verses from Surah al-Insyirah, a book filled with positive quotes, and a card. And as usual we spent a lot of time taking each other’s #OOTDs.

I also got myself a secondhand iPad (7th Gen) for reasons that I will elaborate upon in my next post – I am super happy with it and can’t wait to use it for good things! I sold my 5-year-old DSLR camera to make up for the cost and was pretty bummed about that since it has a LOT of sentimental value. But I figured that since I wasn’t using it much anymore anyway, it might as well be of value to somebody else.

So in the end, my birthday was a LOT more eventful than expected. It was a lovely way to end the summer, as I will be bidding farewell to Newcastle and England soon.

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