Self-Betterment Through #StayingAtHome


As an introvert, I’ve never been bored staying at home. Not even one second of my whole life. But a friend challenged me to share what I’ve been doing at home, so here goes…

Let’s use our time staying in at home for self-betterment, productivity, and doing things that we always claim we ‘can’t find the time to do’.

E.g. learning the art of mindful silence, rethinking our habits, reciting and reading translations of the Qur’an, reconnecting with old friends / loved ones through video calls, taking online courses, learning cooking skills, journaling, making art, producing videos, learning a new language, self-reflection on your life goals / development, purging your social media, financial planning / budgeting, thoroughly cleaning your home, catching up on books / television shows / podcasts, writing your dissertation, fundraising for Covid-19, writing reviews for your favourite small businesses.

“Staying in with no FOMO is a rare privilege. Stay healthy and take advantage.” – Eric Jaffe

Malaysia’s coronavirus growth rate was following the Italian curve until the government introduced a Restricted Movement Order a few days ago. Impact can already be seen – it seems to be slowly flattening the curve. Staying at home works!

I urge and beg everyone reading this to please do your part to save the nation and #StayAtHome – except for absolutely essential things like buying groceries (even that should be limited).

Remember, staying at home isn’t JUST ABOUT YOU. Stop the “I’m young and healthy so I’ll be alright!” mentality. In Italy they’re calling retired doctors and medical students who haven’t graduated because the healthcare system is overloaded. I don’t know about you, but if my 80-year-old grandfather got coronavirus I wouldn’t want doctors to have to choose to save between him and another patient.

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