Do Social Media Executives Get Paid to Tweet All Day?


I haven’t blogged in so long. I have so much to blog about, but I don’t know where to start. And no, I am not dead, if you’re wondering. Just taking a break from my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts to break free and get my life together for a bit.

Ironically, I’ve been spending even MORE time on social media because I’m Head of Social Media for NALS 2018 and a Publicity Officer for The Kalsom Movement, and now is a very crucial time for both. There are new announcements several times a day. The frustrating part is I look like I’m just scrolling through social media for leisure for hours… when in reality the gears in my brain are whirring rapidly in order to schedule posts, delegate tasks, write captions, reply endless enquiries, and edit photos. However, I do love my jobs and am proud to be a part of such amazing organizations!

Some people think that working as a social media executive is getting paid (or in my case, NOT paid) for tweeting all day.

Technically, you’re not wrong. But there is so much more to it than that.

Every single thing you post reflects on your organization. It is probably the most up-to-date and most public face an organization has. It is essential to always provide relevant, accurate, engaging and interesting content. You really do not want to make a public figure mad by posting inaccurate facts about them.

We live in an era where content is always being shoved into our faces and fighting for our attention. It’s difficult to stand out and grab attention. Two Malaysian brands I know that have a strong online brand presence are Domino’s and Nando’s, always keeping up with the latest trends.

You also double as a customer service executive with all the enquiries and love/hate comments from netizens. Need to master the art of replying them well and winning their hearts.

It is also essential that you don’t, God forbid, accidentally whine about your co-worker on your organization’s story or share a link to a NSFW video on your organization’s Twitter.

You’re also expected to write good copy. REALLY. GOOD. COPY. (Copy = text/writing) Words are important and can make or break you. Think how good copy in Ikea’s catalogues are.

Different age groups use different social media. People 5 years older than me still use Facebook regularly while people 5 years younger than me think Facebook is for dinosaurs. Instagram and Twitter might end up like Myspace over the next 10 years.

And a very crucial thing in social media today? ALGORITHMS. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram used to be wonderful for small businesses, budding freelances, bloggers, and charitable causes. However, these money-hungry social media platforms now put the most ‘engaging’ and ‘relevant’ content on the top of your news feeds.

One thing I found out today is that nowadays on Instagram, the first ten minutes of your posting is CRUCIAL because it determines whether your post gets to be on people’s feeds or not. They only show it to 10% of your followers for the first ten minutes and if your post doesn’t get enough engagement, it won’t appear on the feeds of your other followers. This is why some users never ever appear on your feed. It’s so important to make sure the post is visually pleasing, has great copy, and is posted at a time of the day when users are active (usually 12-2pm/8-10pm).

The other day a rising celebrity with 30k followers posted an ad for a charitable organization but the post only received 20+ likes in the span of one hour. How sad is that? Even I get more than 20 likes in an hour. Her other posts featuring selfies and pretty clothes got hundreds and even thousands of likes.

By the way if you need a social media executive / content creator for your organization/business do contact me at I can strategize publicity campaigns, design posters, write good copy, make your feed pretty, curate Twitter threads and tag relevant people. I have experience handling social media for 5 organizations and events (local and international!) with up to 7000+ followers. Will post my portfolio/resume here once it’s updated.

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