GHIBAH – An Islamic Short Film

Assalamualaikum wbt.

So yesterday ISAC 2016 happened. Islamic Art and Communication Festival 2016. An event for all Mass Comm and Art & Design Part 3 students to showcase our works for our CTU (Islamic studies) subjects.

My team and I were asked to produce a short film based on the theme ‘Bahaya Mengumpat’.


And I am extremely proud of our work, because it was the only short film out of around 50+ (I think) in the horror genre. Even if we were a team of eight cute, innocent-looking girls (Nana sorang je tinggi). Nobody expected US to create a film like that, especially with no guys at all in the group. But we did it. Directing, filming, editing, designing the posters, setting up the booth, etc. We made Dewan Taming Sari echo with horrific screams when our film was shown, and people were talking about it and congratulating us. We gave the audience something to remember.

And this is our short film, Ghibah. Enjoy.

We didn’t win. But it’s okay. We did our very best, and I’m extremely happy anyway. Congratulations to everyone!

I just hope that this film has an impact on people and influences you guys to leave the sin of backbiting, if not completely, then at least a little bit.

Some pictures from the award-giving dinner last night. (I got my teammate to sew that niqab out of my paint-splattered black tudung 2 hours before the dinner)

Ok, bye.

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