FICTION: The Light of Forgiveness

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim. This is the story of Amin and Basyir. SPM was only a month and a half away, and the Form 5 students of SMK LOL (Ladang Orang Lidi) expressed various reactions towards their official trial results after loyally waiting for two hours straight outside Cikgu Fauzi’s room, clamouring impatiently for him to pin the […]

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Definition of Home

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Gambar ditangkap pada waktu Subuh semasa Lendu dilanda jerebu tebal. Aku nomad. Aku hidup berpindah-randah. Jasad dan jiwa aku takkan pernah kekal kat satu tempat. Berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah rendah, berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah menengah. Paling lama aku duduk kat satu sekolah pun tiga tahun (dahlah aku benci sekolah tu lol). Toksah cerita […]

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Only 48 hours ago, I still had all four grandparents. Al-Fatihah for my Tok, Rusmah bt Mohammad who passed away at 9:25pm on 7 October 2015. She had a kind soul — she sew my baju kurungs and cooked good food. She taught the kampung kids how to read the Qur’an. The last […]

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September, Part 4

Continuation of September, Part 3. In this post I will mostly copy and paste my captions from Instagram. Kisah pendrive aku (9/9/15) I’ve done way too many things that I’m ashamed of, lately. really. Dengan penuh hina I wanted to tebus balik dengan sedekah. Aku baru keluarkan duit dari dompet, letak dalam beg siap-siap — […]

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September, Part 3

Continuation of September, Part 2. Canon 1200D On 25th September 2015, I finally got a DSLR, guys! I did my waiting! Six years of it! In Azkaban! A super handsome Canon 1200D. <333 I had fun snapping every single thing under the sun in the four corners of the earth. I also used it to […]

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September, Part 2

Continuation of September, Part 1. JPM’s Kem Tamrin For this semester, Kem Tamrin was held at Masjid al-Azim, Bandar Melaka. 3 days and 2 nights. Organized for JPM, by JPM. We had numerous activities, including presentations, an explorace, and learning how to propose events. We would start the day with Qiyamullail at 4 or 5 in […]

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