Obligatory New Year Post

This is my goodbye to you. Tomorrow morning I’ll be off to Melaka, with a pile of bags and a dream. I’ll only update maybe twice, thrice a month. Out of all the years of my life, I think 2013 has contributed the most to the growth of who I am today. Highlights: 5 weeks […]

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CW: aeroplane thoughts

Came up with this on my way back to KL, from Medan.aeroplane thoughts the veins of my hometown shrink swiftlywhat do fancy cars and sky-scraping monuments meanto birds who soar from this incredible heightthey probably muse more on how beautifullygod has hung the sun and the stars generous tiny shades of blueunite to form one […]

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Last Day of Form 4

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Late post. I wrote half of it a few days after I came back for the hols but left it incomplete for weeks. 7th November, 2013 was my final day of my NOT-honeymoon school year. I burnt the midnight oil because Bi, De, Sy, NanΒ and Nab were discussing ledgers and equities in my […]

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Recharge of Iman

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Ever since the school holidays started I could sense my iman level plummeting. It ain’t a nice feeling, kids. Maybe not everyone has experienced it, but if you just knew – if you just knew how it feels like to be aware that there is absolutely nothing between you and Allah, you would […]

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